Skyband Complex, Off Pauk Kagame Rd Lilongwe, Malawi
+265 (0) 99 160 6703
+265 (0) 99 233 8593operations@wotamalawi.org
Who We Are


WOTA (Waterpumps and Other Tools for Africa) Limited Malawi was formed in 2016.

WOTA LTD works with Small Holder Farmers, Private Sector, Government, NGO’s and Agricultural companies to provide innovative and effective irrigation systems and tools to improve the livelihoods and incomes of farmers around Malawi.

WOTA LTD believe that with our tools and irrigation systems farmers in Malawi can achieve sustainable livelihoods by selling extra crops and commodities to existing markets in the country. Our staff are well trained to deal with various communities around the country and assist farmers with their irrigation needs.

“A future where all farmers in Malawi benefit from irrigation tools and ensure there is enough food to feed the Nation and export to foreign markets”


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