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The SF1 Future pump is an innovative solar powered pump specifically designed for small scale agricultural irrigation applications using low pressure sprays and drip. It is of positive displacement reciprocating piston type with the capability to lift water up to 6m from shallow wells, rivers and dams and at low and can provide enough water to irrigate one acre. Pump construction is durable cast iron and it is mounted in a sturdy frame for easy handling.

The pump includes two components, a solar panel that is separately mounted for security and optimal sunlight and the pump unit is supplied complete with 6m suction hose and a spares kit.

There are 500 million one-acre farmers around the world. Rainfall has become very unpredictable due to climate change and fuel for petrol pumps is expensive.

Futurepump solar irrigation pumps are both robust and portable. They offer smallholder farmers a cheaper, cleaner and more sustainable alternative to costly and polluting petrol or diesel pumps.


Irrigating crops leads to more reliable harvests and provides the opportunity to grow and sell produce out of season.

This can bring huge economic benefits to the farmers, their families and the wider community.

Access to affordable irrigation is a major limit to farm productivity. In Africa only around 5% of cultivated land is irrigated, compared to 41% in Asia.

Futurepump is on a mission to design, develop and manufacture robust solar irrigation products for small scale farmers.